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A European Cloudy Partnership

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 28, 2012  |  Comments Off

The European Cloud Strategy published last September is a relatively realistic document, aiming at addressing issues of self-certification, procurement, and contracting. While there was an initial fear that a EU strategy would have led to building local solutions and infrastructure, the outcome is reasonable and most likely quite useful across different industry sectors. One of […]

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A Great Government CIO Retires

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 21, 2012  |  1 Comment

Yesterday Ann Steward, whole-of-government CIO for Australia, announced that she will retire at the end of the year. I have known Ann for a long time and I’ve always admired the blend of curiosity, strength and clear sense of direction that she showed in her role. As many have observed, she has been heading the […]

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Open Data Is Not for Sprinters

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 20, 2012  |  8 Comments

I read yesterday on Computerworld UK that UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s special envoy on the UN’s post-2015 development goals has said that he is ‘disappointed’ by how much the government’s open datasets have been used so far. I wonder how this can be a surprise. Despite the efforts of so many governments, advocacy groups, […]


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Should Companies Escape from Facebook or Escape from (Self-Proclaimed) Social Media Experts?

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 19, 2012  |  1 Comment

A few days ago Italian web pundit and entrepreneur Marco Camisani Calzolari published “Escape from Facebook“, which was widely announced on social media and presented, in its Italian version, at the Lower House in Rome. Camisani Calzolari has been recently in the international news for his research on fake followers, which raised substantial interest as […]

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Digital by Default, but Not Smart Enough: Hits and Misses of the UK Government Digital Strategy

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 9, 2012  |  14 Comments

The UK cabinet office just published its Government Digital Strategy, which culminates its focus on all services to be “digital by default”. The strategy states 11 principles and 14 actions to shape how UK central government departments and agencies will embrace digitalization of their services and improve uptake by citizens and businesses. What is good […]


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Obama’s Victory Speech: Why Change and Forward is Not Enough for Government IT

by Andrea Di Maio  |  November 8, 2012  |  Comments Off

Like many people around the world, I listened to the US President’s speech after his victory at the last election. I found one sentence particularly inspiring: “America is not about what can be done for us. It is about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating, but necessary work of […]

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