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Yahoo 2012

by Allen Weiner  |  January 24, 2012  |  2 Comments

Yahoo’s brand spankin’ new CEO Scott Thompson had his coming out party at what turned out to be a rather curious Q4 earnings call. The numbers are the numbers: up here, down there; news on the Microsoft Search Alliance and the usual “we’re going to try harder and do better” sort of rah-rah chatter. What […]


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The Bartz Era at Yahoo Comes to a Sudden Close

by Allen Weiner  |  September 6, 2011  |  1 Comment

Some 75 days after giving CEO Carol Bartz a vote of confidence, Yahoo’s board has announced a leadership reorganization under which Timothy Morse has been named interim Chief Executive Officer, replacing Carol Bartz, who has been removed by the board. The board has also announced a newly formed Executive Leadership Council tasked with supporting Morse […]

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Yahoo’s Take on The News

by Allen Weiner  |  July 6, 2010  |  Comments Off

True to its word, Yahoo is making good on two of its promises: 1) the company said it would take a new view of its role in search and 2) begin to create new content opportunities. Called into evidence is Upshot a news page on which a team of editors (two) and reporters (six) look […]

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Yahoo Needs To Go Shopping

by Allen Weiner  |  January 27, 2010  |  1 Comment

Good news for Yahoo watchers: the company’s search-advertising and display-advertising businesses each improved from the company’s third quarter, but were down compared with the fourth quarter of 2008. Yahoo’s search-ad revenue declined 15% from a year ago, compared with a 19% drop in the third quarter. Its display-advertising revenue fell 1% from a year ago, […]

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Amazon’s First Response to the Apple Tablet

by Allen Weiner  |  January 20, 2010  |  2 Comments

Amazon has plans to change its royalty schedule for publishers beginning this summer, doing a 180 on its 70-30 split. There are rules a’plenty, but it’s a clear pre-emptive move in the face of Apple’s possible launch of a tablet-based device. Apple is said to be willing to offer publishers a split that more resembles […]


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HotJobs’ Sale Could End Yahoo’s Newspaper Consortium

by Allen Weiner  |  December 9, 2009  |  Comments Off

According to this report from Reuters, Yahoo is open to selling HotJobs fir the right price. If this report is true, then I suspect Yahoo’s newspaper consortium will lose much of its momentum if not outright come to an end; there are more than 600 newspapers in the consortium and HotJobs is one of the […]

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Patrick Barry Leaves Yahoo!’s Connected TV–What’s Next?

by Allen Weiner  |  October 12, 2009  |  Comments Off

Patrick Barry, Vice President of Yahoo’s Connected TV Group, has left the company looking for new opportunities. I would hope that the company would replace Barry in short order to ensure the company maintains momentum in the TV 2.0 space. With the holiday season approaching, and consumer electronics manufacturers making decisions on their IP-based TV […]

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Yahoo’s New Homepage: Show Me the Wow

by Allen Weiner  |  July 22, 2009  |  Comments Off

During Yahoo’s second quarter earnings call, CEO Carol Bartz talked of her company’s many current and planned projects aimed at providing operational stability, the tools to hit the ground running when the economy recovers and offering the market a sense of “wow” related to Yahoo’s products and services. Bartz pointed to the newly unveiled homepage […]

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