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Yahoo’s Bartz: I Am Not Here to Sell the Company

by Allen Weiner  |  January 27, 2009  |  Comments Off

Yahoo’s Q4 and 2008 full-year earnings call yielded few surprises in the wake of the economic downtown: Revenue is down, expenses are being controlled and the company will continue to focus on core strengths while offering cautious guidance for Q1 2009. Yahoo watchers know the call was less about dollars and cents and search share […]

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Online Coverage of the Inauguration

by Allen Weiner  |  January 20, 2009  |  1 Comment

As someone who vividly recalls the day JFK was sworn in, I am trying to draw parallels between 1961 and 2009 (aside from the fact that JFK’s historic day was shown only on three TV networks). I am hoping the massive online and broadcast coverage helps provide me insight. I will be deploying multiple PCs […]

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Carol Bartz To be Named New Yahoo! CEO

by Allen Weiner  |  January 13, 2009  |  3 Comments

Less than one week after making a significant announcement at CES related to its new connected TV platform, Yahoo! appears to be about to follow up with a another blockbuster, planning to name Carol Bartz, former Autodesk CEO, as its new CEO according to multiple published reports. Bartz is a solid and safe choice that […]


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Seattle: You Are A One Newspaper Town, Get Over It

by Allen Weiner  |  January 12, 2009  |  2 Comments

As someone who worked in the Seattle-area newspaper market for more than seven years, it came as little surprise that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer announced it was taking itself off of life support. Hearst, owner of the P-I, announced that the paper was for sale, and if a suitable buyer is not found in 60 days, […]


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Yahoo! Throttles Jumpcut

by Allen Weiner  |  December 17, 2008  |  Comments Off

As I build out a TV studio in my garage, I have been going through all the online and offline nests where I have video content in an effort to consolidate my content. When I arrived at Jumpcut, a really cool browser-based video mashup service from Yahoo!, I see the site is no longer accepting […]

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The Tribune Company Looks To The Ultimate Do-Over

by Allen Weiner  |  December 8, 2008  |  Comments Off

Much as airlines such as United and Delta sought the cover of Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize and attempt to meet the demands of changing market dynamics, the venerable Tribune Company publisher of eight large daily metro newspapers, is teetering on the edge of Chapter 11 as it faces billions of dollars in debts it […]

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YouTube 2.0

by Allen Weiner  |  December 5, 2008  |  2 Comments

It comes as no surprise that YouTube has made some changes to its business, some that have been well publicized–such as its attempt to shed its “mature” content and give video creators the ability to easily add licensed music to their clips–and others a tad more subtle. In late November, YouTube’s player suddenly changed its […]


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The Real Digital Transition

by Allen Weiner  |  November 24, 2008  |  1 Comment

As I walked through the Austin Farmers Market on November 22, a local organization was handing out flyers telling locals about the February 17, 2009 deadline for the analog to digital transition, the point at which time local broadcasters would cease analog transmissions. In short, death to rabbit ears. Now, here’s the irony: Nov. 22 […]

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Pure Digital Camcorder Bakeoff

by Allen Weiner  |  November 17, 2008  |  Comments Off

As previously stated, I am a video guy. Back in the day, I was an A/V nerd and even worked after school to repair broken educational films by resplicing them when they cracked as they were wont to do. So, when the online consumer video craze began to surface about five years ago, I became […]

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And They Would Call The Network, Hulu

by Allen Weiner  |  November 14, 2008  |  Comments Off

Here’s some food for thought: as NBC and Fox plan to share resources, would it make sense for News Corp to spin off Fox Broadcasting and for GE to spin off NBCU and create a new combined network? Imagine the efficiencies. Heck, I’d call the new network Hulu (the name of their online joint venture) […]

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