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SYNCHRO and Invoiceware International Address LATAM Tax Challenges

by Robert Anderson  |  July 31, 2015

A market's heating up that isn’t called out very much that's particularly relevant for businesses seeking to enter and do business in Latin America. Its name: E-invoice compliance solutions. Many...

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Fun with EFSS Vendor Surveys: Jupiter Support?

by Jeffrey Mann  |  July 31, 2015

One of the least fun parts about being an analyst (or, I imagine working with analyst relations at a vendor) is dealing with magic quadrant and critical capabilities vendor surveys....

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Summer Reading for Digital Marketers: Vendors Like Water (Blasting Out of a Firehose)

by Mike Mcguire  |  July 31, 2015

Are marketers at risk of falling into the trap many skiers and surfers fall into? That trap being the one that usually manifests itself by a skier or surfer saying...

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CEOs should heed this Audi, BMW & Daimler digital leadership example

by Mark Raskino  |  July 31, 2015

A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that three competing car companies have agreed to acquire the digital mapping services of Nokia. The article goes on to suggest that these...

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Partnerships with Data Preparation vendors - who are the likely candidates?

by Lakshmi Randall  |  July 31, 2015

Data preparation vendors are currently partnering with BI/analytics vendors. Does such a partnership make sense elsewhere? Vendors who offer data virtualization capabilities, purpose-built analytical solutions, and data publishing solutions can...

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Digital Business or Automation – Is There a Difference?

by Jane Barrett  |  July 30, 2015

How and why would you digitalize a business process? It is different from automating or just improving it, or possibly taking it to a whole new level? Digital business transformation is...

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The Rupture with Europe - Greece or Germany?

by Andrew White  |  July 30, 2015

I have to disagree with Marcel Fratzscher, who wrote an opinion piece in Tuesday's Financial Times.  He wrote a column, "The Rupture Europe Must Avoid is with Germany".  His argument...

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Security Bread and Butter in The Cloud

by Augusto Barros  |  July 30, 2015

Another great paper from my GTP colleague Anton has just been published, this one on security monitoring for public cloud environments. One of my favorite quotes from that paper is...

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My "How to Monitor the Security of Public Cloud Resources" Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  July 30, 2015

My “How to Monitor the Security of Public Cloud Resources” paper just went up on the Gartner site. It is an update of the work I’ve done back in 2012...

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Gartner Special Report: Engaging Customers in a Mobile Digital World

by Robert Desisto  |  July 30, 2015

Mobile interaction is quickly become the preferred means of communication for customers. IT leaders therefore cannot afford to put off the development of a strategy for mobile digital customer engagement....

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