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My Annual Device Count @ MIT

by Jack Santos  |  May 22, 2015

I have been watching the transition of  compute devices for a long time (starting with TV Typewriters, the ASR-33, and 3270 terminals and controllers).  So it should come as no surprise...

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The Inexorable Rise of Self Service Data Integration

by Andrew White  |  May 22, 2015

let's keep this simple: "self-service", the art of moving work from supplier to customer, tends to reduce costs for a supplier and increase costs for the customer.  At the same...

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Top 10 Reasons Customer Experience Initiatives Fail

by Jake Sorofman  |  May 21, 2015

Last night, as you probably know, was David Letterman’s final show. 33 years of subversive humor—from stupid pet tricks; to random remote junkets to Hello Deli; to celebrations of Dave’s...

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Internet of Things (IoT) will Dwarf Big Data

by Andrew White  |  May 21, 2015

This "ah ha", that IoT will dwarf big data, is slowly forming in my mind.  You might think that I am comparing apples to trees, but I am comparing them...

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Putting out a (financial crisis) fire with a bottle of water?

by Andrew White  |  May 21, 2015

I am torn between two positions, and it's not often I am or even admit it.   In this week's Economist there is an article, "The Federal Reserve: Railing against...

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Are marketers missing the mark when it comes to personalization?

by Jennifer Polk  |  May 21, 2015

Recently, I spoke on the topic of data-driven personalization at Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference. Since I had a room full of marketers, I used the opportunity to conduct an informal poll...

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Our Private, Hidden Robots: Automating Yourself for Fun and Profit

by Craig Roth  |  May 19, 2015

It seems everyone these days is fearful of Silicon Valley geniuses or a star chamber in your IT department automating our jobs. Martin Ford's "Rise of the Robots," is a...

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To Finish First in Digital Business, Security Must Be Second

by John Wheeler  |  May 19, 2015

This weekend, the famous Indianapolis 500 will be run for the 99th time with a slate of more than 30 race cars competing to win the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing"....

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Think "Whole Product" when defining Digital Business Moments

by Hank Barnes  |  May 19, 2015

When Geoffrey Moore wrote Crossing the Chasm, it was an instant classic.  Not a week goes by where I don't hear clients talking about we need to "cross the chasm"...

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Highlights From Verizon Data Breach Report 2015

by Anton Chuvakin  |  May 18, 2015

With RSA 2015 and some writing deadlines (while analysts generally enjoy stress-free living, we do have deadlines too!), I almost forgot to study the Verizon’s jam-packed-with-juicy-awesomeness DBIR 2015. Here are...

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