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Security Bread and Butter in The Cloud

by Augusto Barros  |  July 30, 2015

Another great paper from my GTP colleague Anton has just been published, this one on security monitoring for public cloud environments. One of my favorite quotes from that paper is...

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My "How to Monitor the Security of Public Cloud Resources" Publishes

by Anton Chuvakin  |  July 30, 2015

My “How to Monitor the Security of Public Cloud Resources” paper just went up on the Gartner site. It is an update of the work I’ve done back in 2012...

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Gartner Special Report: Engaging Customers in a Mobile Digital World

by Robert Desisto  |  July 30, 2015

Mobile interaction is quickly become the preferred means of communication for customers. IT leaders therefore cannot afford to put off the development of a strategy for mobile digital customer engagement....

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In Customer Experience, Consistency is the New Delight

by Jake Sorofman  |  July 30, 2015

We’ve all heard the stories about brands that go to extraordinary lengths to delight a customer. The home visit bearing gifts. The call from the CEO. The impromptu tropical vacation...

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How Does a DMP Really Work?

by Martin Kihn  |  July 30, 2015

As we were saying, the mighty DMP -- Data Management Platform -- is much beloved of digital marketers and advertisers. It's a "nexus system," lying at the crux of so...

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An old PC gamer looking for strategy - ended up with FPS

by Andrew White  |  July 29, 2015

I was sitting down in front of my PC for 30 minutes quiet time.  So I browsed some of the new games on Steam- a cloud-based service that offers a...

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Announcing 2015 Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods

by Don Scheibenreif  |  July 29, 2015

It's Hype Cycle season at Gartner, so Dale Hagemeyer and I are pleased to announce the publication of our Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods, 2015. The Hype Cycle is Gartner's...

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Master These Five Crucial Competencies in Complex IoT Projects

by Benoit Lheureux  |  July 29, 2015

Some clients have been asking for a "short list" of crucial IoT competencies they should focus on to help ensure a successful implementation of larger end-to-end IoT projects (which tightly...

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The Voices of Things to Come

by Jay Wilson  |  July 29, 2015

I was riding the London Underground on Sunday night during a brief vacation.  The train's automated female voice announcements weren't much different from those one might hear in any subway in...

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How to Maximize Magic Quadrant Effectiveness

by Adam Ronthal  |  July 29, 2015

By Adam Ronthal and Merv Adrian The Gartner Magic Quadrant is, perhaps, the most well known piece of branded research we publish each year.  Vendors appearing on the Magic Quadrant...

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