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"It Depends" is Usually the Right Answer (It's Situational)

by Hank Barnes  |  May 5, 2015

As an analyst and advisor, clients come to me (and other analysts and influencers--whether with Gartner or other organizations) looking for insight and advice.   In many cases, they are...

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Master Data Management (MDM) Magic Quadrant 2015 Research has Begun

by Andrew White  |  May 5, 2015

It's official!  As of last night we kicked off the MDM MQ season.  We are working on two magic quadrant's: MDM of Customer Data Solutions (technically "party" type data) MDM...

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My Top 7 Popular Gartner Blog Posts for April 2015

by Anton Chuvakin  |  May 4, 2015

Most popular blog posts from my Gartner blog during the past month are: The Future Is Here … And It Is … Network? Endpoint? (musings posts) Popular SIEM Starter Use...

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Driving Value Through Supply Management

by Mark Atwood  |  May 4, 2015

When we look overall at Supply Chain strategy and governance, one of the areas that stands out as a particular challenge is Supply Management, otherwise known more traditionally as "Sourcing...

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Building a Foundation For Knowledge Sharing

by Carol Rozwell  |  May 4, 2015

It's interesting how knowledge management is one of those topics that periodically re-emerges as a "must-do" program. It seems to happen after an organization struggles with a complex problem that...

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Digital Marketing's Greatest Hits (So Far)

by Martin Kihn  |  May 4, 2015

As we descend in San Diego this week for our first-ever Digital Marketing Conference, I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on some: Wow-Worthy Moments in the...

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When your own innovation is overtaken before delivery - Ford Motor Company

by Andrew White  |  May 4, 2015

Front page US edition of today's Financial Times: Ford axes heart-attack detection seat as wearable s overtake car-maker's research.  A really interesting article reports on how Ford quietly dropped its current...

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Open Position at Gartner for a PaaS/Cloud/Technology Enthusiast

by Yefim Natis  |  May 2, 2015

Gartner has an open position in the group that follows cloud application infrastructure and architecture. You get to work with such prominent Gartner analysts as Massimo Pezzini, Anne Thomas, Benoit...

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Tune into the Cloud: Price Tag

by Gregor Petri  |  May 2, 2015

Tune into: cloud margins. One of the most famous quotes of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is "Your Margin is My Opportunity". This illustrates nicely how in the world of Amazon...

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What the Problem with Greece Really Means - and the Imperfect Single Currency

by Andrew White  |  May 2, 2015

Ever since economists recognized and monitored 'global trade', leaders have targeted either exchange rates or inflation.  In periods where collaboration and shared national interests aligned, stable exchange rates provided a...

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