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And the winner is... Gartner's prestigious Cool Business Awards for Americas

by Juergen Weiss  |  October 9, 2015

Gartner's Cool Business Awards ceremony at Symposium Orlando has been a major success. More than 500 people were in the audience and voted to determine the winners. Those of you...

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The analyst job is cool sometimes - have you ever considered it?

by Mark Raskino  |  October 9, 2015

I just got back from Gartner Symposium in Orlando. It's a huge event - many thousands of clients interacting with analysts to help solve real world technology and management problems....

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The Gathering Storm: Information Governance in the Cloud

by Andrew White  |  October 9, 2015

For those of you that know me (or follow my blog), you will know that I don't shirk from a good argument.  In fact, in my youth, I loved to...

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A Day in the Life of an Analyst at Gartner Symposium, Orlando, 2015 – Day 4

by Andrew White  |  October 8, 2015

Day 4 Summary: The Price for Silver Bullets is down. Last year I gave away quite a number of silver bullets.  I give them away when a client asks for...

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Six Phases of a Marketer's Evolution

by Jake Sorofman  |  October 8, 2015

I’m a proud parent, which makes me boring at dinner parties. If you’re middle-aged like me, statistically speaking, we’re probably somewhat alike: parents, obnoxiously proud, and maybe a bit boring....

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A Day in the Life of an Analyst at Gartner Symposium, Orlando, 2015 – Day 3

by Andrew White  |  October 8, 2015

Wednesday: the theme for the week emerged (for me): prioritize and (so) classify. The underlying theme for the week so far is this: prioritize and classify.  It turns out that a...

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Amazon announces WAF, but what does it mean for AWS netsec partnerships?

by Matthew Wollenweber  |  October 7, 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced a new Web App Firewall (WAF) service. As a technical security control, this appears to be a great step forward. Enterprises are still struggling...

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Application Delivery Controller Magic Quadrant (2015)

by Andrew Lerner  |  October 7, 2015

We just published the 2015 Application Delivery Controller Magic Quadrant. Over the past 12-18 months, there has been substantial change and disruption in this market. After years of mostly incremental...

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A Day in the Life of an Analyst at Gartner Symposium, Orlando, 2015 – Day 2

by Andrew White  |  October 7, 2015

What a day!  I think a day at Symposium for an analyst is the closest thing to Prime Ministers' Question Time and those periodic times when a minister "sits" in...

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Buyers are More Prepared - Are You?

by Hank Barnes  |  October 6, 2015

There are two important facts that every B2B technology sales and marketing organization needs to embrace: Buyer preparedness - Whether you subscribe the some of the numbers on "percent of buying...

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