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Apresentando no Gartner Security Summit Brasil 2017

by Augusto Barros  |  July 26, 2017

(excuse me for the post in Portuguese...) O Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit de São paulo está chegando! Já estou no Brasil para o evento, que acontece entre os...

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SIEM or Log Management?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  July 26, 2017

Welcome to 2002! Let’s discuss a timely topic … and, no, its not Y2K – that one is fortunately over. The topic is: SIEM vs log management. Yes, really! In...

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The Middle East cannot continue to throw money at Cybersecurity!

by Sam Olyaei  |  July 25, 2017

The Middle East is at a crossroads in cybersecurity practices. Home to more than half of the world's natural gas and oil reserves, coupled with future megaevents such as Expo...

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Retention, Growth and CX Expectations

by Hank Barnes  |  July 25, 2017

In today's tech markets, with more and more offerings delivered as a service, the focus is increasingly on retention and growth within existing accounts.   And, they are usually used...

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From Moneyball to Grand Slam Information-Based Business Models

by Doug Laney  |  July 24, 2017

In 2003, Michael Lewis published the best-seller, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, featuring the nouveau analytics-based approach to evaluating baseball players developed by the Oakland Athletics' general manager,...

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Gartner's Hype Cycle Focuses on Integrated Risk Management

by John Wheeler  |  July 24, 2017

Gartner just released its 2017 Hype Cycle for Risk Management focusing on the importance of integrated risk management (IRM). The 2017 Hype Cycle for Risk Management report describes the related services,...

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Data Center Power & Cooling is a Mature Science

by Richard Jones  |  July 22, 2017

Occasionally Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) clients seek advice on data center environmental issues such as power, cooling and building management. GTP does not actively research these mature topic areas...

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AI for Marketing on the Hype Cycle: A Long Journey to the Plateau?

by Andrew Frank  |  July 21, 2017

Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Marketing and Advertising is out (subscription required) and, predictably, AI for Marketing has appeared as a new dot making a rapid ascent toward the Peak...

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Gartner Webinar - Building a Business from Analytics and BI: finding the Hotspots - July 25

by Andrew White  |  July 21, 2017

This Tuesday, our very own Alys Woodward and Jim Hare will be hosting a webinar: Building a Business From Analytics and BI - Finding the Hotspots. Join us for 60 minutes:...

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Six Degrees of Marketing Identity

by Martin Kihn  |  July 21, 2017

Imagine two scenarios: Scenario #1: Lizzy shops for a tartan dog leash on and makes a purchase. She is bombarded with ads for the same leash for months. Frustrated, she...

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