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Upon Exiting Stage Left: Jennifer Beck's Advice to Marketers

by Pete Basiliere  |  March 31, 2015

Sound parting advice for marketers from Jennifer Beck, Gartner VP, Distinguished Analyst and Research Fellow Emeritus on her retirement. Take a few minutes to think about it. In Jennifer's words: I...

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Upon Exiting Stage Left: Advice to Marketers

by Jennifer Beck  |  March 31, 2015

I was making my way down the beach in Captiva, Florida, hooked to my iPhone that was jammed into the front of my bathing suit, headphones wrapped around my sun...

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How Land and Expand Strategies Breakdown

by Hank Barnes  |  March 31, 2015

In my post last week, I mentioned Gartner research that uncovered that the most common reason for a no decision in buying was when anticipated project or solution costs exceed...

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For Retail Vanilla is the New Favorite Flavor

by Robert Hetu  |  March 30, 2015

Retailers presenting at a vendor hosted conference last week used the term “vanilla” as a positive or aspirational term when describing their technology implementations and/or implementation plans. I find this...

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Why Does Access Certification Even Have to Exist Any Longer?

by Brian Iverson  |  March 30, 2015

This is the sixth installment in a series of posts that I am writing on my impressions of the current state of IGA, based on analysis of the 2015 edition of the Critical Capabilities for Identity...

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Microsoft in MQs - March On

by Merv Adrian  |  March 29, 2015

In December 2014, I posted Microsoft's Product Positions - Positive Progress, updating my quarterly map of the several dozen Gartner Magic Quadrants that feature Microsoft offerings. Welcome to the New Year. The progress...

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Expansion Into USA Hides The Lack Of A Local Marketing Strategy For Technology Providers Serving The Indian Market

by Rajesh Kandaswamy  |  March 27, 2015

Recently, I visited India to host briefings in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. I had a chance to meet many technology services providers who serve the banking and securities industry....

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The Mighty Dollar - What Should We Do?

by Andrew White  |  March 27, 2015

My spider-senses are tingling.  I read this morning this week's Economist article, The Mighty Dollar: Feeling Green, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.  At present...

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How To Know if a Robot Will Take Your Marketing Job

by Martin Kihn  |  March 27, 2015

Leave it to M.I.T. to make us realize, once again, how mentally mundane we are. I speak here as a human being. A relatively recent book from two non-robots at...

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5 Stages of Grief in Embracing Digital Marketing

by Jennifer Polk  |  March 27, 2015

Digital marketing has been known to cause strange behavior, especially among traditional marketers. I call it the 5 stages of grief in embracing digital marketing. I’ve seen it in companies...

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