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Tune into the Cloud: Hello World 

by Gregor Petri  |  February 27th, 2015

Tune into Coding Although programmers for decades have been starting their careers by writing a "Hello World" program, the phenomenon has remained as unknown to the general public as the song of the same name by Lady Antebellum. But the former is now about to change. Programming is in fact the...

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Multichannel Marketers, the Doctor is In

by Julie Hopkins  |  February 27th, 2015

The job of an analyst is multidimensional. There are days when you’re called in based on your knowledge of a product, or a category. There are days when you’re called in based on your knowledge of a set of techniques or strategies. And then there are days when you’re called...

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Uncle Sam Wants You (Data Scientists)!

by Nick Heudecker  |  February 27th, 2015

This is a guest post from Gartner analyst Jim Hare. Each Strata + Hadoop World conference has its own personality and this one was no different. The buzz at the San Jose venue was the fact that President Barack Obama had attended the event. Well, sort of; he delivered the...

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Logistics Are Strategic in the Energy Supply Chain

by Paul Lord  |  February 25th, 2015

The three laws of real estate are ‘location, location and location’. This is because land is a commodity whose location cannot be changed once you take title. For commodities which CAN be moved, the magical word is LOGISTICS. And, sometimes LEGISLATION. Page B1 of today’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) features...

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Why is pitching for the Wall Street Journal with a full-page advertisement in the…. eh, Wall Street Journal? What does this mean for Technology & Service Providers?

by Rajesh Kandaswamy  |  February 27th, 2015

While flipping through the journal today, I noticed this full page ad. My initial reaction was why preach to the converted. Then it struck me that this campaign is done cleverly with a good understanding of their customers and prospects.   The WSJ can break the market into three: 1)...

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Is Brite-Box Switching Rite for Everyone?

by Andrew Lerner  |  February 24th, 2015

There's been a lot of activity in the network space around branded white-box ("brite-box") switching lately. We're getting an increasing number of questions from clients about it, so we just published research on the topic to better identify where/when it does (and doesn't) make sense. Is Brite-Box Switching Right for Your...

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Hadoop Questions from Recent Webinar Span Spectrum

by Merv Adrian  |  February 25th, 2015


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All My Research Published in 2014

by Anton Chuvakin  |  February 23rd, 2015

To make it easy for my readers to find my recent research, here is the list of everything I published in 2014: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Security Information and Event Management Architecture and Operational Processes SIEM Technology Assessment and Select Vendor Profiles Blueprint for Designing a SIEM Deployment...

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Greetings Gartner BI Followers!

by Cindi Howson  |  February 25th, 2015

Hello, Gartner World! It’s a new year, a new job, a new me! Sort of. Indeed, after 12+ years of running my own business at BI Scorecard, it does feel a bit strange to be back in the corporate world. Some might have said that Gartner was a competitor of...

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The Territory Between Configuration and Customization

by Brian Iverson  |  February 23rd, 2015

One topic that generated a disproportionate amount of heat with vendors -- and even among team members -- during our IGA Critical Capabilities research had to do with how certain product activities were characterized as configuration or customization. Some vendors insisted that their products did not require customization and they did not...

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What Is In Your GRC "Junk Drawer"?

by John A. Wheeler  |  February 12th, 2015

Everyone has one. Somewhere in their kitchen or garage is the infamous "junk drawer". Over time, the drawer fills up with gadgets, tools, scraps of paper with to do lists and various other items that vary in their usefulness. However, invariably there are moments when you rush to the drawer...

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