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Our 2016 SIEM Papers Are Out!

by Anton Chuvakin  |  February 12, 2016

We are happy to announce that our awesome SIEM papers have just published: The fabled “Security Information and Event Management Architecture and Operational Processes” (now in its 3rd edition) is...

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It's Time To Retire The Term "User Experience Design"

by Brian Prentice  |  February 11, 2016

We’ve hit the point were the term “User Experience Design” has become counterproductive. It is obfuscating to the world outside the user experience design community that something important and different...

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How socially responsible is your Supply Chain?

by Jane Barrett  |  February 11, 2016

Analyst Pam Fitzpatrick just published a research note on cobalt supply chains – the issues and challenges are similar to conflict minerals. A report by Amnesty International describes unsafe working...

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Update on our Magic Quadrant’s for Master Data Management 2016

by Andrew White  |  February 11, 2016

As you may have heard we are changing our coverage of the MDM market.  Since inception we have published two magic quadrants, one focused on MDM of customer data and...

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Gartner Looks Ahead to Digital Marketing in 2016

by Augie Ray  |  February 11, 2016

Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, so at the beginning of each year, Gartner’s analysts dedicated to Marketing Leaders produce primer reports. These documents summarize the current state of key...

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Fun Money - Innovation Without Expectation

by Chris Ross  |  February 11, 2016

One of the big insights from the Gartner 2015 CMO Spend Survey (Watch the webinar overview here) was that senior management expectations for marketing to innovate increased more than any...

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YOU Can Now Review Your BCMP Solution on Gartner's Peer Insights

by Business Continuity  |  February 10, 2016

I am happy to announce that you can now provide a product review for your business continuity management planning (BCMP) solution! Gartner has expanded the market offerings on Gartner's Peer Insights to include BCMP...

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New Research: Toolkit: How to Classify Information Assets to Be Governed in Applications

by Andrew White  |  February 10, 2016

I just published a new piece of research: Toolkit: How to Classify Information Assets to Be Governed in Applications. Information governance leaders should use this Toolkit to classify what data should...

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New Research: Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms

by Andrew White  |  February 10, 2016

My colleague Lisa Kart led a team that just published this new research: Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms. Predictive analytics and other categories of advanced analytics represent the fastest-growing...

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Watch your language!

by Carol Rozwell  |  February 10, 2016

I’m working on a presentation about diversity for the upcoming Gartner Business Process Transformation and Management Summit in London next month. As I was designing the presentation, I cataloged some of...

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