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Is Your Cyber Security Awareness Month a Disaster?

by Perry Carpenter  |  October 20, 2016

Just in time for you to mourn any missteps you may have made in planning for Cyber Security Awareness Month, my colleague Joanna Huisman and I present the 10 most...

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Doing What Was Once Unfathomable

by Pete Basiliere  |  October 20, 2016

Located in a vibrant, evolving, innovative Silicon Valley neighborhood, FATHOM is a little known company that you need to know about. On the surface, FATHOM provides 3D printing equipment and...

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New Research: Best Practices for Designing Your Data Lake

by Andrew White  |  October 20, 2016

My colleague Nick Heudecker just published Best Practices for Designing Your Data Lake. Data lakes fail when they lack governance, self-disciplined users and a rational data flow. Successful data lakes require...

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A Day in the Life of a Gartner Analyst at Symposium – Day 3 October 19th

by Andrew White  |  October 20, 2016

Here is a summary of day 1 and 2. October 19th. 4.30am Work up restless.  Not the best nights' sleep this week.  Oddly felt like I could have gotten up. ...

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APT-Ready? Better Threat Detection vs Detecting “Better” Threats?

by Anton Chuvakin  |  October 19, 2016

As we mentioned a few times before, we see a lot of “deception as detection” use cases. Frankly, we see nearly all deception projects focused on threat detection (typically of...

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Symposium Notes - Day Two Jumps in the (Data) Lake

by Merv Adrian  |  October 19, 2016

My second day of Symposium 1:1 meetings continued the "security of big data" theme (4 of the day's 15 conversations - usually, but not always, about HDFS-based data), with a...

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What to Consider Before Upgrading Your Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud Edition

by Adnan Zijadic  |  October 19, 2016

My recent research highlights some of the key considerations you need to make before upgrading your Sales or Service Cloud Lightning edition, as some may have been proposed to do...

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Digital Security for the Supply Chain

by Mark Atwood  |  October 19, 2016

A digitally vulnerable Supply Chain can lead to disruption of actual operations.  It can also lead to significant damage to brand and reputation, product safety and integrity issues, loss or...

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New Research: Domain Analytics: Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Analytics

by Andrew White  |  October 19, 2016

My colleague Valerie Logan and friends just published Domain Analytics: Harnessing the Pervasive Nature of Analytics. Domain analytics refers to the collective set of analytics applied across all industry verticals and...

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Networking VendorMath

by Andrew Lerner  |  October 19, 2016

Vendormath...We've all seen looks something like this… From the vendor's perspective, it always shows that “our stuff” is sooo much better financially than "their stuff" (note: a slight deviation...

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